There are some quick and easy ways to give your pool a makeover without starting from scratch. Check out these upgrades to reinvent your atmosphere.

Floating Pool Lights

Available in battery-powered and solar-powered versions, and in a variety of colors, this gives your space an instant makeover.

Pool Speakers

Waterproof speakers, whether floating or poolside, can turn a normal swim into a party.

Potted Plants

Who doesn’t love the zen feeling of being surrounded by greenery? You could even add some splashes of color by painting a few pots.


Whether you are laying it in or swimming near it, hammocks amp up the relaxing vibe of a space.


Not every second is spent swimming. Invest in some good chairs and tables for a well-rounded environment.

Fire Pit

Opposites attract, right? A fire pit on the patio perfectly compliments a backyard pool.

The options are endless and can be catered to your style and tastes. Explore images of other pool environments for inspiration, and feel free to put your personal touches on it! 

We are here if you want expert advice on how to enhance your pool and environment.

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