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What We Offer

Monthly Pool Service

The owners of Riviera Pools and Spas actually started their business as a pool service company in 1986. This service company was so successful, that at one time, it provided pool start-up and service for over 16 different pool construction companies. Having a successful pool service company, gives Riviera Pools and Spas the unique background and perspective on how to build pools that are easier to service and are more energy efficient. Riviera Pools and Spas provide monthly pool and spa service to every homeowner that needs or wants service after the completion of construction. Since 1986, Riviera Pools and Spas’ entire pool service business has been based on referrals only. Riviera Pools and Spas consistently provide the best pool service in the business, backed by the best construction and repair company in Los Angeles.

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Full Service Pool Repairs

All renovations and repair work is performed by Riviera Pools and Spas in-house staff. Absolutely, no repair work requested by our clients, is done by sub-contractors. Riviera Pools and Spas repairs all major and minor brands of pool and/or spa equipment and specialized electrical components. Additionally, we replace and or repair all types of pool, spa and fountain lighting. Finally, we are uniquely positioned to repair and troubleshoot all major types of alternative sanitation units, as we have more experience with alternative types of sanitation than any company in the swimming pool and spa construction business.

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Engineering Services

Riviera Pools and Spas provides an extensive array of engineering services for Architects, Builders and Engineering firms.

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Eco-Friendly Pool Sanitation

Riviera Pools and Spas has been at the forefront of the alternative sanitation industry for well over two decades.

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