When the temperature starts to drop outside, it is time to prepare your pool for the winter. Avoid a headache (and a hefty bill) when spring comes by following these steps


Clean the Pool

Using a skimmer, remove all the debris that you can from the pool. If anything sinks to the bottom, use a pool vacuum to ensure that it isn’t sitting there all winter.

Check the Equipment

During colder months, the pump, filter and chlorinator will still need to run for at least 4 hours a day. Make sure they are working properly and that there is no build-up that could impede their ability to function.

Backwash the Filter

You will want to make sure all contaminants are cleaned from the filter. You can do this by backwashing it.

Balance the Water

You will want to defend against algae breakouts even during the cold months, but balancing the water will also help to make sure that the equipment is still working how it should.

Add a Phosphate Remover

Algae feeds on phosphate. If you remove the phosphates, you are eliminating the food source for the algae.

Use your Pool Cover

This is a basic step, but make sure to invest in a good pool cover. It is also good practice to check it for holes or gaps before the winter season starts.

If you have any questions on how to get your pool ready for the cold seasons, contact the experts at Riviera Pools and Spas. They are happy to help.

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